Professional Experience

Founder & CEO of YSA Labs LLC (www.ysalabs.com)

Customized research and testing services to support the biotechnology and life science labs and industries.


Launched GIFTS Charcoal Product Line (http://www.giftcharcoal.com)

Nano-Charcoal-based products for oral cleaning and cosmetic products.

Marketing & Communications Aide at The Global KAITEKI Center (June 2021-Present)

Plan strategic social media marketing backed by market research I conducted.

  • Work with a team for social marketing to plan content to boost public relations of The Global KAITEKI Center (ASU partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)

  • Work to increase American and Japanese audience engagement on website and blogposts.

  • Engaged in database management and support communication strategies. 

Intern at High Octane Pictures (February 2021-Present)

Worked to grow brand recognizability, positive public relations & social media.

  • Conducted thorough market and brand image research (5C, SWOT, and PEST Analyses) to assist the company in establishing marketing goals.

  • Wrote a 3-page marketing report summarizing the assessments, with specific recommendations for the company.


Intern at Western Sky Helicopters (February 2021-Present)

Created content for social media marketing campaigns and organic growth.

  • Revitalized their brand image and maintained a strong social media presence across Facebook and Instagram handles. 

  • Increased engagement on Instagram by 108.8% and 95% on Facebook. 

Intern at Asian Corporate & Entrepreneur Leaders (October 2021-Present)

Helped plan 5 Facebook Live National events and served as the technology panel assistance for the events.

  • Consistently engaged with the team & guest speakers to plan events.

Research Publications (First Author)

1. Chhaliyil, P., Fischer, K., Schoel, B., & Chhalliyil, P. (2021).

Assessing Non-Abrasive Use Of Charcoal And Its Adsorptive Microbial Properties As A Dentifrice. SRM Journal of Research in Dental Sciences

2. Chhaliyil, P., Fischer, K., Schoel, B., & Chhalliyil, P. (2020).

Impact of different bedtime oral cleaning methods on dental-damaging microbiota levels. Journal of Dental Hypothesis, 11(2).

3. Chhaliyil, P., Fischer, K., Schoel, B., & Chhalliyil, P. (2020).

A Novel, Simple, Frequent Oral Cleaning Method Reduces Damaging Bacteria in the Dental Microbiota. Journal of International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry, 10(2).

Scientific & Clinical Conferences

2019     Speaker at 2019 Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG), San Diego, USA “Effect of Sugar polyphenols on Oral                        Microbiota”

2019     Poster at 2019 Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG), San Diego, USA “In vitro Effect of Sugarcane Polyphenols                   on Oral Microbiota” Pranav Chhaliyil

2017, 2016     Invited Presenter in Table Clinics at the Annual Iowa Dental Association Meeting

2017     Presented poster at Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG), San Diego, USA "A Rapid Method for Extraction                            and Purification of DNA from Dental Plaque, Tongue Scraping and Saliva Using IDeal Kit"        

2016     Presented poster at Plant & Animal Genome Conference (PAG), San Diego, USA "IDeal Fast ID Kit for DNA Extractions                from Saliva Samples"

2016     Interned at the Indian Institute of Science (8/21/16 – 8/22/16) and performed ELISA Analysis to 40 blood samples,                     looking for inflammation.

University Organizations Positions

Asian Corporate & Entrepreneur Leaders (ACEL) – ASU Collegiate Chapter

Helped plan 5 professional events with guest speakers, which include successful entrepreneurs & executives, while recruiting & overseeing members of the e-board. 

  • President (September 2020-Present)

  • Community Service Chair (2019-2020)

Indian Student Association – ASU Collegiate Chapter

Committee Officer 2 (May 2021 – Present)

  • Maintained relationships with staff liaisons, sponsors, and members through consistent correspondence. 

  • Oversaw and planned social media and email marketing of ISA events and sponsors.

  • Actively communicated with 60-100 Indian ASU students monthly to address queries regarding ASU admission, Tempe, and accommodation.

Joint Director of Marketing (May 2020 – April 2021)

  • Organically grew Instagram (2k) and Facebook (8.9k).

  • Promoted ISA events and sponsors on Instagram and Facebook.

All Malayali ASU Graduate and Undergraduate Students' Association - ASU Collegiate Chapter

(September 2020-Present)

Successfully operated social media campaigns (Facebook & Instagram) and executed marketing strategies, while overseeing media planning and community management.

  • Social Media Manager (2020-present)

  • Consistent Instagram and Facebook post/story engagement with the audience

  • Instagram engagement rate of 23%

  • Developed a method of receiving feedback through Instagram story


Science Detectives - ASU Collegiate Chapter

Interacted and coordinated 18 classes for students Grade 3-6

  • Team Leader (2020-Present)


2019     Regeneron Science Talent Search 2019 Semifinalist

2019     Arizona State University Intel ISEF Scholarship

2018     Biotechnology Institute STEM Ambassador

2018     National Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS) Finalist

2017     International BioGENEius Challenge GENEPool Competition Winner

2017     BioGENEius Challenge National Winner

2017     Intel International Science & Engineering Fair Microbiology Category 3rd place

2016     Intel International Science & Engineering Fair Microbiology Category 4th place

2016     Iowa State Science & Technology Fair Senior Division Grand Champion

2016    Received the Highest Rating for Short Films at Iowa High School Speech Association State (Feb 2016)

2016, 2017, 2019     Intel International Science & Engineering Fair Finalist


20192017201620152014     Eastern Iowa Science & Engineering Fair Biology Division 1st place


2015     Broadcom Masters Semi-Finalist One among the 300 semi-finalists from the 6000 Broadcom winners who were the top 10% in the country from 60,000 Science Fair participants.


2015, 2014     Intel International Science & Engineering Fair Student Observer


20152014     Eastern Iowa Science & Engineering Fair Biology Division Junior Champion

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