Hi, my name is Pranav!

Fueled by a relentless curiosity, I embarked on a journey to unravel the workings of diverse industries, utilizing my college years as a fertile ground for exploration. This insatiable curiosity has not only been my guiding light but has also empowered me to confidently traverse unfamiliar sectors, absorbing a wealth of knowledge along the way. Currently, I am refining my retail management expertise as a Manager Candidate Program Trainee at Uniqlo Newbury Street in Boston, MA, a venture I embarked upon after an array of enriching internships and a solid educational foundation. My professional palette, painted over 3 years, is a blend of marketing, brand strategy, and retail management, rendering me adaptable, innovative, and exceptionally adept at forging meaningful connections.

My voyage thus far has been both varied and rewarding. From spearheading a YouTube channel rebranding initiative at Bayntree Wealth Advisors that significantly amped up watch time and impressions, to playing a crucial role in rebranding the social media platforms for the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture with a spotlight on diversity and inclusion. 

My tenure as a Brand Strategist Intern allowed me to broaden the department's reach to diverse societal strata. Moreover, my entrepreneurial endeavor, GIFTS Charcoal, is a testament to my ability to discern market demands, concoct unique products, and flourish amidst fierce competition. Passionate about crafting resonant brand narratives and propelling engagement, my aspiration is to meld my marketing savvy with retail management expertise to be a valuable addition to any team I become a part of. The diverse spectrum of experiences I've navigated through has endowed me with a unique vantage point and a robust arsenal of skills, all primed to be deployed in devising innovative marketing strategies and delivering stellar results. I am excited about the prospect of contributing both creative and analytical prowess to a dynamic team, collectively steering towards success and making a substantial impact. 


Malayalam (mother tongue), English, Tamil, Hindi                                                                                 

Learning: Spanish & Arabic                                                                                                                       

5 Words that Describe Pranav

Perspicacious, Introspective, Inquisitive,

Interdisciplinary (mind), Aesthetic


Tennis (Varsity 2016), Soccer, 

Badminton, Track