Volunteer Work

Conducted a Community Service Awareness Camp (2016)

"I came in a hurry to the hospital when my water broke, and now I don’t have any spare clothes to wear other than these bloodstained ones,” the woman painfully told the nurse.

“Don’t worry, the generous grandmother living in that house will help you and your newborn with clothes. She will even provide you with food and money for the journey home”, pointed out the nurse.

The selfless grandmother mentioned above is my 91-year-old Muthi-amma (great-grandmother), who’s inspired me since childhood along with my paternal great-grandfather who donated lands to schools and temples. Continuing the family tradition, my parents after marriage started a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to provide education to children in remote Indian villages. They made me celebrate my birthdays in orphanages to witness the adverse conditions of others through which I developed empathy and gratitude for society.

Having done many community service activities in different parts of India, I felt it was important for me to give awareness to students on its importance as well as how they can help serve their community and solve day-to-day challenges the people face. The Community Service Camp was conducted at the Andavar School in Porayar, India to 100 students. It is welcomed by the teachers, faculty, students, and parents. Students and the community came together, brainstormed ideas, and helped solve the challenges in Porayar. One of my favorite initiatives was that the community decided not to light firecrackers for Diwali (the festival of lights) because it pollutes the air. Instead, they decided to use the money for providing a meal for the elders of the community. Other initiatives ranged from tackling water scarcity to poverty.