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A study on the effect of bed-time brushing on the oral bacterial counts using quantitative PCR method


  • Everybody knows brushing the teeth is good for oral hygiene.  However not everyone is aware that during night sleep when saliva does not do flushing action, bacteria grows a lot and causes heavy damage not only to teeth (periodontitis or gum disease) but also play a role in causing some deadly  diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.  
  •   Mid-night snackers and those who eat sweets and starchy food at dinner, do not know how much bacteria grows in their mouth, if they ignore brushing their teeth.
  • My hypothesis is that about 50% decrease in bacterial count will be observed upon bedtime brushing.
  • 10 volunteers were asked to eat a candy at night and go to bed with and without brushing the teeth.
  •  A quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) analysis was done to measure the bacterial count in the morning saliva after eating a sweet in the previous night and going to bed with and without brushing teeth. 
  •  The results showed that upon brushing on an average there was 61% decrease in bacterial growth in 90% of the volunteers. Though many studies show brushing decreases oral bacterial count, this is a unique study which does analysis in the morning saliva following bed-time brushing.
  •  The objective of this study is to  give awareness about the importance  of bed time brushing quality on the oral hygiene to prevent many deadly diseases and enjoy good health.


Reference: Steven Jaksha, "The Role of a Toothbrush in Tooth Brushing, Intra-oral Bacteria." AAOSH. N.p., n.d. April 20, 2011. 



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